Preserving the Legacy of Maumeeā€™s Historic Battlefield



the Fallen Timbers Monument along the scenic Maumee River



how the Battle of Fallen Timbers shaped American history



the remaining earthworks of Fort Miamis in the center of Maumee


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of the recently discovered battlefield site



the Commission's efforts to preserve history for future generations

On August 20, 1794, near what is now the city of Maumee, Ohio, a major turning point in American History occurred: the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Here American forces, commanded by General Anthony Wayne, defeated a confederacy of American Indians, ending British claims to the Northwest Territory and sealing the fate of an area that later became six U.S. states.

Today, three historic sites commemorate the battle and the forces who fought there: the Fallen Timbers Battlefield site, the Fallen Timbers Monument, and Fort Miamis. These sites are owned and maintained by the Toledo Area Metroparks, although the non-profit Fallen Timbers Battlefield Commission was created to raise awareness of the need to preserve these sites and to educate the public about their history.

In 1999 the U.S. Congress passed legislation creating the Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Fort Miamis National Historic Site. Under the terms of the legislation, the site is managed by the Metroparks of the Greater Toledo Area. The Commission works with the Metroparks and the National Park System to protect the site and promote awareness of the Battle and events of 1794.