Preserving The Battle’s Historic Sites

Fort Miamis (drawing by Tom Hohl)

Fort Miamis (drawing by Tom Hohl)

The Battlefield

The actual site of the Battle of Fallen Timbers was identified in 1995 in an archeological survey by Dr. G. Michael Pratt of the Heidelberg College Center for Historic and Military Archeology Studies. This survey, as well as one in 2001, provided a wealth of information regarding the progression of the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

Fort Miamis

Remnants of the actual fort’s earthworks are visible today, and archeological remains of the fort are available for future study and interpretation. The fort consisted of four bastions surrounded by a 25-foot deep trench lined with rows of stakes. The British also placed 14 cannons in the fort to thwart attackers.

General Management Plan

Read the General Management Plan for Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Fort Miamis historic site, developed by the Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area and National Park Service.

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